The Larger Context of Transpersonal Psychotherapy

A Call to Wake Up

In every sense and on every level human beings are required to wake up . . . for in every sense human beings have been asleep.

What does this mean . . . that we are asleep?

And what is it that we need to wake up to?

This is at the centre of the work we do.

We are not an institution founded in the medical model. But neither are we some kind of ashram or church. If anything, we are a spiritual community of human beings dedicated to waking to our true nature.

Simply stated, we are individuals attempting to live according to our deepest impulse.

And this impulse is urgent. In these times it is as if humanity has gone collectively mad. We are like a man who wakes in the morning to find himself trashing and destroying his own home . . . at the same time our collective response has been to bury our heads in the sand and go back to sleep.

And while this ‘waking up’ is urgent . . . it is also as timeless as the Buddha twirling a flower . . .


Despite the fact that we in the West have been exposed now for several decades to practices for awakening, there is still a great deal of confusion about how to actually come to awakening and realization.

We have passed through decades when meditators felt that meditation was enough, when therapists felt that therapy was enough, when activists felt that activism was enough, when yogis felt that yoga was enough and prayers felt that prayers were enough . . . and for many individuals – after years of spiritual yearning - the honeymoon is over . . . There is a sober recognition that it takes commitment and a serious intention if we are to overcome the patterns that would have us succumbing to ‘lives of quiet desperation’ . . .

And for some people, the time for prevarication and procrastination is over. With a certain maturity comes an inner urgency.

If not now . . . when?

The Buddha was absolutely right. Ordinary human life is prey to suffering, and yet innately built into human consciousness we have the mind of complete freedom.

We have learned a lot over the last decades, and at the TTC we have learned a lot about how awakening and deepening occur.

We have learned how to activate a spontaneous process of heart-realization. We have also learned how to recognize the ways we keep ourselves asleep.

And we have learned that this deeper work requires a deeper aspiration than simply to feel better. Indeed, if we are to feel better, we are going to have to feel deeper, and to feel deeper we may discover that – for a while – we may feel worse. To move into our full being we must open into our true nature. And for this we must get to know the full nature of the human psyche.

Much of what we have learned about this process of self-knowledge and heart realization is time transcending; it has been known to the wisdom traditions for millennia. Some of it is as up to date as the latest findings in neuroscience.

Psychotherapy as it has been conceived traditionally concerns itself with pathology, but from the awakened point of view its own conceptions of pathology are themselves delusional. Indeed, its fundamental conceptions – grounded as they are in a Freudian kind of biological materialism - are contradicted by the science of consciousness.

Due to this delusional aspect a line must be drawn between the work of spiritual deepening and any too narrow definition of psychotherapy.

The work of spiritual deepening will continue spontaneously because this is the nature of human aspiration and growth, and it is a natural and self-activating process anyway. The spiritual nature of ‘bodhisattva activity’ means that we are dedicated to that deeper work anyway, as an expression of our spiritual commitment, wherever the legislated definitions of ‘psychotherapy’ are eventually drawn.

So, What Is It We Are Doing?

We are offering a process for those who wish to step out of the humdrum life of merely existing day-to-day and unlock their soul from its shackles.

Throughout history spiritual realizers have known how to unleash the magic that lies in the human heart by stepping into what Sri Aurobindo called the Life Divine . . .

There is no secret to it, then. But nowadays – caught up in a whirl of distractions - hardly anyone does it.

But is there anything more worth doing?

Once you snap out of the trance and realize that there is no accident to your being here . . . once you see that you are not simply a cog in a randomly evolved mechanism, but that you are intimately engaged as a creative agent in a Great Intelligence, an Intelligence that is also ‘your’ intelligence . . . and that your own yearning to love is not other than the Great Heart that is the Source of All Being . . . that your own existence is a temporal expression of sat-chit-ananda, or Being/Consciousness/Bliss . . . then what else is there to be done but to realize the truth of this?

We are in a time and culture where it is commonplace to insist that there is no meaning to life, or that we have to find our own meaning in life (meaning to superimpose our own meaning on life) . . . but the great realizers awakened to Reality, and discovered that Reality is itself Meaning, is itself Consciousness, is itself sat-chit-ananda.

Once we peel back the veils of appearance we awaken our ‘human potential’. We are bodhisattvas. Once connected in to Being/Consciousness/Bliss our lives are naturally impulsed to unfold as the expression of this. Our activities become naturally meaningful, naturally fulfilling and ‘in the Tao’. We find ourselves in synch with the Great Way spoken of by the ancients.

This is ancient work, timely work, timeless work. It is cosmic work. And because it is also divine work, it is ‘leela’ . . . it is a divine play. It is love.

Come with us and discover this open secret buried in the loving recesses of the human heart.

This is the Heart School.

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